Friday, 15 January 2010

Sailing into a new city

This is a work-in-progress thing to balance up the amount of pencils I've been posting recently. I thought this would benefit from some tweaking and additional bits. That and I was quite happy with the concept, so it would've been a shame to waste. Aiming to finish this one next week (I can hear you laughing from here, you know)


james corcoran said...

Very nice I like the buildings in the background and the detail on the figure look forward to seeing the finished piece.

matthew mclaughlin said...

Crazy how you can come up with these amazing single images that conjure so many ideas! This is a great example of that - I want to know more about this scene. As always, superb work, Conor.

Bogger Blogger said...

Colour at last. That's what I pay my licence fee for, wait, it's only a bit of red! Like it anyway, cool craft - I'd be interested to see the overall concept.