Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Defoe - Advent Calendar artwork.

Finished pages for a Defoe-themed 2000AD Advent Calendar entry. The lettered pages are up at writer Matthew McLaughlin's blog. For those not aware, Defoe is a 17th Century zombie hunter. What's not to like?


Emperor said...

"What's not to like?"

Nothing (if I've got my double negatives right).

And there is nothing to not like in this too - apart from the fact it raises the bar so far you are going to make the rest of us look like slacker muppets :(

I was especially impressed by the ghostly effect you've got there - nice touch and very effective.

matthew mclaughlin said...

Such a pleasure to work with you on this, Conor! Just incredible how much atmosphere you're capable of packing into any given panel. 4:4 is absolutely amazing.

Bogger Blogger said...

Tis the season