Thursday, 29 March 2012

Kev Levell & The Commy Kart Gang

Some scribbles when I should be doing other stuff, but couldn't resist it...

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Another topic over at the Weekly Themed Art Blog is Strontium Dog. I drew this sketch of Wulf at the Cardiff Comic Con and filed it away under "Things I'll Finish At Some Point", so it seemed a good reason to finish now.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Ashley Wood / Hell Spawn

This week's theme for the Weekly Themed Art Blog is Ashley Wood.

I couldn't pass this up as his artwork on Hell Spawn dragged me back into comics for the final time (circa 2001). It was the characterisation, built on simple linework and swamped in scratched, dirty, saturated colour that drew me in. I even bought the font used the book! A quick google search of his work of the time will show you what I mean. Here's a quick attempt at the same.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Creator Owned Day - Hell's Receptionist

So today is Creator Owned Day. So says Stephen Downey. And he should know - he thought of it.

A day in which the planet's creators present their own hair-brained ideas that have nothing to do with any companies or other parties and we all have a jolly good nose at them.

Here's my contribution.

Say hello to Hell's Receptionist.

This rather upstanding fellow was inspired by a ten second movie cameo (very possibly in Jacob's Ladder), and resides in the two overfilled box files otherwise known as My Graphic Novel. This fine tome, around 600-ish pages, is about as black and twisted (and unfinished) as I could manage. The panel below is one of a whole pair of images that have reached the completed stage. The rest remains expertly crafted on whatever paper/mark-making implements I could lay my hands on at the time. Yeah, I can tell you're impressed.

It's a well known fact that every artist, aspiring or pro has a similar-sized unfinished graphic novel hidden away somewhere, forever delayed. It's part of the contract. And possibly why Creator Owned Day is proving so popular...