Friday, 19 September 2014

52 Posters - #16 - Joker

I'll do a proper scan of this pic later, but for now, here's the 'camera phone pic while the inks dry' version.

More inks, this time with coloured inks and washes. Trying to capture the madness. Somebody recently asked me to do something like this for a tattoo they wanted. I'll post up that one when it's finished - this was a sort of test run for the final piece. Not the first time someone has asked me for a design for a tattoo, and hopefully not the last, but each one makes me nervous! There's an added pressure, knowing that the thing you draw will end up being permanent on someone's skin.

UPDATED 22/9 Here's a scanned & balanced version of the same pic.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

52 Posters - #15 - Crossed

Yeah, I know, there's been a gap. 'Things getting in the way of other things' seems to be a common theme around these parts.

That aside, it was always my intention to use this series of posters as a testing ground for pushing the boundaries of how I work. For a while, I'd been caught up in the precision of steady and sharp edges to my linework. It's all very useful and I'm glad I spent enough time concentrating on such things that it's now something I don't even think about. I'd certainly spent enough time previously giving it no consideration at all...

To that end, a lot of these pictures feature a lot more experimentation with how lines can be formed without drawing lines, as well as playing with different media in the same piece.

This one used inks, washes, black and white ink mixed, and acrylic. Not ground-breaking as far as the comic art world is concerned, but certainly so in this little corner of it.

The character is based on the Crossed series, currently celebrating the end of one four year run and the start of another. Not for the faint of heart, and something that explores the darker areas of the human psyche.