Tuesday, 9 December 2014

52 Posters - The Cigarette Smoking Man

Anyone who has been anywhere near the X Files knows the Cigarette Smoking Man. The culmination of a million shadowy figures from the big screen, stretching all the way back to All The Presidents Men, and beyond, into a thousand Black & White mystery movies.  

We're currently doing the whole 9 series X Files re-watch. It takes forever to get through, and we keep forgetting some of the minor characters, but with 'CSM' as he's apparently known, that doesn't matter. Because no one knows anything about him to begin with.

Black and white ink, coloured pencils. 

52 Posters - Nemesis & Torquemada

From the pages of 2000AD, and probably my favourite series. Nemesis The Warlock pitted aliens against humans with the humans as the bad guys, and Thomas de Torquemada as chief loon, pushing an earth-wide party line of fear, hate, and extreme xenophobia. (Oh how we laughed back then...)

Anyway, the art begun by Kevin O'Neill, then Bryan Talbot and carried on by others - John Hicklenton in particular - blew my teenage mind. 

Most of these pieces are to push me out of my comfort zone with various art materials and techniques. This is simply a fanboy pic.

Black ink & washes, graphite powder, fine liner pen. 

52 Posters - Noseybonk

Possibly the most specific one of the set. If you know who this guy is, it means you grew up in 1970s England, watching some really odd kids tv programs, one of which was Jigsaw. In this, aside from puzzle solving games and sketches, was Noseybonk, the most odd character I'd seen, who didn't seem to fit the show at all. It was like the producers had just sparked up a joint and gone "*ffffppptttt* -- Hey, y'know what would really make sense...?" 

The 1970s had a lot to answer for. 

Anway, I recently found these wee gems on youtube, (there's a few following on from that link) made by folks who also drifted back to those days, and thought "What the hell was Noseybonk meant to be, anyway?"

Which in turn inspired this piece. Which was just fun. Ink, pencils and charcoal. 

Friday, 5 December 2014

52 Posters - Silent Running

I drew this back in the summer. I first saw Silent Running when I was about seven years old and loved it. 

So whilst kicking the idea around, I had the daft idea of doing the space background on a separate piece of paper and cutting out the panels in the dome. I normally bin such ideas as folly long before they hit the page. For some reason this one passed unnoticed, and now I have two space backgrounds. Couldn't decide on ink or colour, so I'm posting both. 

Black & white background is ink & washes. The colour one is acrylic with white & yellow inked stars.

I still can't decide which one I prefer, so have left the Spray Mount to one side for now.

52 Posters - Joker 2

Finally finished the other Joker pic to go with this one. I drew them both on the same day but then forgot about this second one for months. No idea why, but at least it's done now.

52 Posters - Marshall/2001 mashup

I did this for my friend Pete who has his own recording studio up in Durham. I got the idea on the way home from his 40th birthday party, and pretty much had it finished within a day or so afterwards.

And this is Pete, looking suitably happy with his pic, via FB today. Thanks to Hannah for the photo!